Employee Charges City with Affirmative Action Fraud

Theresa Hill, a senior manager for the City of Chicago who claims she was harassed after calling the city's affirmative action program a "sham," has filed suit against the city. The manager alleges that the city has defrauded the federal government for two decades while it's received millions of federal dollars.

Report for WBEZ
Dave Glowacz reports on the Hill allegations for WBEZ-FM. Length 4.8 minutes.


Court document

Theresa Hill's lawsuit (PDF) details her claim against the city.

Extended interview with Theresa Hill
In this extended interview, Theresa Hill tells Dave Glowacz about the specific provisions of its own affirmative action plan that it didn't follow, and how city managers tried to silence her. Length 12.5 minutes.


Extended interview with attorney Bryan Wood
In this extended interview, attorney Bryan Wood tells Dave Glowacz about the kinds of discrimination in which his clients allege the city has engaged, and the status of his clients' lawsuit. Length 4.5 minutes.