Ald. Andre Vasquez takes on gerrymandered, "back-room" ward remapping

In an audio interview, Ald. Andre Vasquez of the North Side's 40th Ward talked about a City Council resolution he co-sponsored, with Ald. Brian Hopkins (2), that calls for a hearing on how Chicago will redraw its ward boundaries—as required by law after the decennial census.

In the standard version of the episode, Vasquez responded to criticism by the City Council Latino Caucus, whose members blasted a proposed independent commission for redrawing ward boundaries at a Jan. 27 press conference.

In the premium version of the episode, Vasquez responded to questions about how members of an independent ward-remapping commission might be selected, and how such a body might elude undue influence by Chicago's mayor.

Also in the premium version, Vasquez addressed how non-white aldermen can represent largely white constituencies, and vice versa.

And in the premium version, Vasquez spoke of how the city might pull ward remapping out of the back room and into the light—and how delays in federal census data might affect the city's ward remap.

Length 5.1 minutes standard, 15.9 minutes premium.

Music: "Cold" by Crane Holyf

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