Rahm fired up about--but wouldn't fire--Forrest Claypool

Just before the resignation of Chicago Public Schools (CPS) CEO Forrest Claypool, Dave Glowacz and the Chicago Reader's Ben Joravsky examined how Claypool got to be the CPS chief—and why Mayor Emanuel protects him.

This interview features the first-ever public airing (outside of federal court) of an audio version of Rahm Emanuel's infamous 2008 phone call with then-Governor Rod Blagojevich, recorded via a wiretap by the FBI.

Dave and Ben discuss whether the head of CPS actually runs the school system; a capsule history of CPS CEOs since the advent of Chicago school "reform;" and the racism of white Chicago office-holders who rail against corruption. (Uncensored version contains profane language.) Length 6.8 minutes standard, 27.4 minutes premium.

Music: "Burning" by Tri-Tachyon

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Premium audio (censored):

Article: "Forrest agonistes" (Chicago Reader)

Transcript: FBI's 2008 recording of phone call between Rahm Emanuel and Rod Blagojevich