Corporate displacement of community schools

     In an exclusive report for Free Speech Radio News (FSRN), Jaisal Noor examines how corporations and their government partners have worked to establish charter schools in Chicago and New York City—thereby supplanting publicly-controlled neighborhood schools.
     Noor gave added detail to Glen Ford in an interview on Black Agenda Radio.
     Noor's report includes this admission by Tim Cawley, chief administrative officer for Chicago Public Schools (CPS): CPS has a policy not to spend infrastructure money on neighborhood schools, no matter how well they perform, that don't undergo a turnaround or other "fresh start."
     "We really believe," said Cawley, "the investment in the facility makes sense when it's partnered with a program change. So in going into those schools without doing a more comprehensive change—just painting the walls, and putting new lighting in, and creating a more positive interior—when nothing else has changed at the school, doesn't get you the same return on the investment as it does when it's a fresh start."
     When hired by CPS in 2011, Cawley received a residency waiver because he lived in Winnetka.

Audio from FSRN (30 minutes): click here

Audio interview from Black Agenda Radio (9.5 minutes):