Lightfoot administration defends Lincoln Yards TIF . . . why?

In an interview by Ben Joravsky with Dave Glowacz on the Chicago Reader's Ben Joravsky Show, Dave and Ben discussed the city's defense of tax-increment financing (TIF) in general, and the Cortland/Chicago River TIF district in particular.

Dave revealed Mayor Lori Lightfoot's briefing with aldermen about city departments' roll-out of the executive order limiting aldermanic prerogative.

Ben and Dave disagreed on whether the mayor's order really limits aldermen's influence over departmental decisions—particularly around the crafting of TIF districts.

Dave also explained the three arguments made in the lawsuit against Lincoln Yards and its tax-increment financing.

And, after the Lightfoot administration dashed hopes that it wouldn't defend against the Lincoln Yards TIF lawsuit, Dave speculated on the mayor's motivation.

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Documents: Lawsuit filings in Grassroots Collaborative v. City of Chicago