Community stakeholders challenge police use-of-force training

This audio piece features comments from members of Chicago’s Use of Force Community Working Group. The working group was formed in the summer of 2020, intended to give community feedback to the Chicago Police Dept. in its efforts to enact reform—as mandated by the 2019 federal Consent Decree.

The comments came from a public meeting of the Community Commission on Public Safety and Accountability that took place on Mar. 30, 2023. In the comments, members of the Use of Force Community Working Group told how they observed police department training on the use of force (UOF), and gave their frank criticisms.

Length 8.5 minutes.

Music: "Want U W/ Me (UTAU Mix)" by Akira Sora
Copyright 2023 (CC BY).

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See the working group's written report on UOF training:

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