This audiobook (part of a series) features years of in-depth discussions by Chicago Reader columnist Ben Joravsky and journalist Dave Glowacz about public schools in Chicago.

Just before the resignation of Chicago Public Schools (CPS) CEO Forrest Claypool, Dave Glowacz and the Chicago Reader's Ben Joravsky examined how Claypool got to be the CPS chief—and why Mayor Emanuel protects him.

Chicago Newsroom interview with reporters Lauren FitzPatrick, Sarah Karp, and Becky Vevea about CPS's new application process for high schools.

Interview with the Chicago Reader's Ben Joravsky on why CTU leadership accepted a contract offer that some felt its members would surely reject, and more.

The city of Chicago proposes to sell highly valued real estate in South-Side Woodlawn to the University of Chicago for one dollar—a deal that one resident says will create an "educational ghetto."

Interview with the Chicago Reader's Ben Joravsky on the justification for staying in school when you don't learn much, and more.

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