June City Council: appointment, speed cam disappointment

In a discussion by journalists Dave Glowacz and Ben Joravsky, Dave and Ben listened to and dissected meetings of the Chicago City Council that took place in June, 2022.

Lopez and Scott
Ald. Ray Lopez (15) and outgoing Ald. Michael Scott (24)
share a humorous moment on the City Council floor.
Photo by Dave Glowacz.

In the standard version of the episode, Dave played audio from the June 22 meeting of the full council, in which it approved an appointment by Mayor Lori Lightfoot of a new alderman in the South Side's 24th Ward, filling a vacancy left by the incumbent—the appointee's brother.

In the premium version of the episode, Dave and Ben heard a series of vignettes having to do with 9th Ward Ald. Anthony Beale's latest attempt to pass an ordinance that would raise the speed at which Chicago's speed limit cameras are triggered—from the current 6 MPH over the posted limit to 10 MPH over the limit.

That effort by Beale has jumped many council hurdles in the last year and a half. The premium version featured the latest in legislative twists and turns that Beale's ordinance faced—including a finance committee meeting that its chairman recessed twice, delaying a vote for days.

Length 8.1 minutes standard, 52.9 minutes premium.

Music: "No Means No" by The Freak Fandango Orchestra

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Premium audio:

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