Council's legal appeal steels Beale

In an audio interview by Dave Glowacz with Ald. Anthony Beale of the South Side's Ninth Ward, Beale revealed why he introduced an ordinance that would let Chicago's City Council hire its own legal department.

In the premium version of the interview, Beale explained a key provision of the proposed ordinance: a parliamentarian hired by the Council that would rule on disputed motions and rules during City Council meetings. That role is currently filled by someone in Mayor Lori Lightfoot's Dept. of Law.

Also in the premium version, Beale said why he thinks his colleagues have stymied a vote on the proposed ordinance since its introduction in June of 2021.

And, in the premium version, Dave recapped the latest drama around the ordinance that unfolded at the December 2021 meeting of the full City Council—which resulted in what Beale called a "fiery exchange" with Mayor Lightfoot.

Length 2.5 minutes standard, 8.8 minutes premium.

Music: "Mixed Emotions" by Más Trueno

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