Willie Wilson's 2015 radio ads

Willie Wilson, candidate in the 2015 Chicago mayoral election, has put out two entertaining radio ads.

In the first, former Illinois state senator Ricky Hendon says that "Rahm Emanuel must be defeated." Telling listeners that "it's time for an enema in the black community," he further urges them to "go ahead and flush the toilet" on "sorry aldermen" such as Will Burns (4th), Anthony Beale (9th), Howard Brookins (21st), Walter Burnett (27th), and Carrie Austin (34th). (Hendon resigned from the legislature in 2011, after federal authorities investigated state grants he authorized. Hendon was not charged with any crime.)

In the second ad, a couple argues over red-light camera traffic tickets they each received. The ad makes a creative digression from traffic cameras to schools ("Why don't you try walking the kids to school?" "Schools? Rahm done closed all the schools!"). 

Ricky Hendon enema ad for Willie Wilson:

Traffic camera ad for Willie Wilson:mp3}wilson{/mp3}