Chicago Police Dept. merit promotions list identifies sponsors

The Chicago Police Department has released a list of officers promoted by way of the department's merit selection process.

For the first time, the department identified the internal sponsors of the individuals meritoriously promoted to sergeant, lieutenant, captain, and detective since 2006.

The department released the list of promotees and sponsors due, in part, to the U.S. Dept. of Justice's (DOJ's) Jan. 13, 2017 report on how Chicago Police engaged in a pattern of civil rights violations.

The DOJ report specifically targeted the police merit-promotion process. DOJ investigators reported that they spoke with many officers who "feel merit promotions are not truly based on merit, but rather the clout you hold in the department or who you know."

Furthermore, the DOJ reported, "candidates who are eligible, but did not receive merit promotions, are never provided an explanation for why they were not selected."