Mayor Emanuel's First Year Report Card

Three panelists reviewed Mayor Rahm Emanuel's first year in office. The panelists:
  • Larry Bennett, PhD, professor of political science, DePaul University
  • Ben Joravsky, columnist for the Chicago Reader
  • Dominic Pacyga, PhD, professor of history, Columbia College
The panel discussion comprised part of Columbia College's Intersections series of discussions.

Some points made by the panelists:
  • Emanuel made a campaign of buzzwords that morphed into a governing strategy.
  • Is Emanuel inherently hostile to the public sphere?
  • One of Richard M. Daley's greatest achievements: turning the citizenry's opinion around on public schools.
  • Blacks became hoodwinked into thinking that Pres. Obama had endorsed Emanuel.

Audio (length 1 hour, 22 min.):