Auditor: Robin Kelly violated state work rules

A state auditor found that 2nd Congressional District primary candidate Robin Kelly violated work-schedule rules while employed in the state treasurer's office, the Chicago Tribune has reported.

The audit found that, from August 2009 through December 2010, Kelly requested time off 107 times. Personnel rules required time-off requests to be approved by a supervisor. But 82 percent of Kelly's requests were instead approved by someone who reported to Kelly.

Additionally, the audit found, Kelly submitted many of the requests after she'd taken the time off.

Internal auditor Barbara Ringler wrote that it seemed Kelly “could come and go as she pleased without consequence.” Ringler went on: “It also appears that [her time-off] calendars were made to match the time that they needed to in order to end up with a 35-hour work week and/or 7-hour day, because of the number of times they were approved, reversed, reapproved, reversed again, approved a third time, etc.”

The time-off irregularities occurred when Kelly was campaigning for election to the treasurer's office.

The treasurer's inspector general, David Wells, recommended discipline for Kelly. Then-treasurer Alexi Giannoulias demurred, saying that Kelly had already resigned.