Flipping TIF myths with Mayor-elect Lightfoot and her former rivals

Dave Glowacz interviews the Chicago Reader's Ben Joravsky on the 2019 mayoral candidates' responses to the Chicago Sun-Times question, "As mayor, what would you do about TIFs?"

Dave and Ben debunk—or validate—Bob Fioretti's claim that tax-increment financing saps revenue from governmental bodies.

They also discuss how TIF sneaks around the state's tax-levy caps to boost either a mayor's slush fund or taxing bodies' income; how the city's own TIF FAQs document echoes a common misconception; how Daley, Enyia, and Fioretti's population-growth goal maybe stymied by TIF; how ripple effects from developments like Lincoln Yards make Chicago less affordable; how Lori Lightfoot's TIF reform proposal resembles that of progressive aldermen; and Mayor Emanuel's desire to "run through the tape" as he leaves office.

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Article: "Where 16 Chicago mayoral candidates stand on TIFs" (Chicago Sun-Times)

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