Delegates elected to Democratic national convention

The Illinois State Board of Elections has released the official results of the 2016 statewide primary election.

The results include the 102 people whom Illinois voters selected—according to calculations by the state board—to represent the state at the July Democratic national convention.

Below we've listed the Democrats elected as convention delegates in the six congressional districts that include Chicago. Following each is the name of the presidential candidate to whom the delegate has pledged their support.

1st Congressional District
Toni Preckwinkle (Clinton)
Jacqueline Collins (Clinton)
Mary E. Flowers (Clinton)
Kwame Raoul (Clinton)
David Moore (Clinton)
Adriana Sanchez (Sanders)
William K. Crosby (Sanders)
Brenda J. Malone (Sanders)
Brendan Houlihan (Sanders)

2nd Congressional District
Lisa Dugan (Clinton)
Timothy Bradford (Clinton)
Leslie Hairston (Clinton)
Toi W. Hutchinson (Clinton)
Al Riley (Clinton)
Tanya Watkins (Sanders)
Kenneth Franklin (Sanders)
John A. Willard (Sanders)

3rd Congressional District
Rebecca Davies (Sanders)
Maureen Sullivan (Sanders)
Nathaniel Harris (Sanders)
Jorge Ramirez (Clinton)
Colleen Patricia Burns (Clinton)

4th Congressional District
Carlos Ramirez-Rosa (Sanders)
Andrea Perkins (Sanders)
Soraida Gutierrez (Clinton)
Álvaro R. Obregon (Sanders)
Raymond A. Lopez (Clinton)

5th Congressional District
Rebecca Abraham (Sanders)
Laura Sabransky (Sanders)
Sara Feigenholtz (Clinton)
John S. Arena (Sanders)
Patrick Croke (Clinton)
Rocco J. Claps (Clinton)

7th Congressional District
Emma M. Mitts (Clinton)
Ira Acree (Clinton)
Mattie Hunter (Clinton)
Michael Scott Jr. (Clinton)
Larry Rogers, Jr. (Clinton)
Anna Valencia (Clinton)
La Shawn K. Ford (Sanders)
Melissa Parks (Sanders)
Willie Mack (Sanders)